CSSS: CSS-based SlideShow System

By Lea Verou


What is it?

A simple framework for building presentations with modern web standards



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<style scoped />

You can use the HTML5 scoped attribute on style elements in slides, to only style the current slide or inside sections that include multiple slides to style all of them and nothing else.

For example, inspect this slide and then run $$('style[scoped]')[0].sheet.cssRules[0].selectorText in the console to see how the original selector gets changed.

More features



Plugin: CSS Snippets

new CSSSnippet(document.getElementById('snippet'));

CSS Snippets demo

Edit the following CSS code:

CSS Snippets: raw CSS

Plugin: CSS Controls

CSS Controls demo

Plugin: Code highlight

Code highlight example

// Comment
document.addEventListener('DOMAttrModified',function(e) {
  var node = e.target, attr = e.attrName;
    && (attr === 'placeholder' || attr === 'value')
    || foo > 5)
}, false);